At you'll find award-winning used cars that have fallen into our target price range. The site is organized into sections such as best used cars for $8,000. For more extensive research, see the masters of the field -- or MSN Autos.

If you're worried about credit issues, this site specializes in poor credit car loans. specializes in no hassle used cars. If you'd rather apply over the phone, try 1-800-Auto-Loan.

We can recommend one site for daily news on the auto loan industry, one site famous for the auto loan hottie and one site whose name says it all: easy car financing. Since we offer US loans only.

Other sites of note include the Auto Loan Company and Auto Credit Central, and MyFico, where you can match your credit score to your expected interest rate.

Finally, here's a sign of how confident we are in our services. Check out one of our competitors, including Car Loans Quickly, which serves central Ohio.

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